Amber Earrings Leaf

Product information: It was intellection ago the 1850s that resin that became yellow-brown was produced according to corner Pinites succinifer. More than recently, it has been proposed, on a higher floor testify of Fourier-transform infrared FTIR analysis of yellow-brown and resin from active trees, that conifers of sept Sciadopityaceae were amenable. The solitary extant representative of this mobbish is the JP umbrella languish, Sciadopitys verticillata.


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  1. African copal and the kauri gum of New Zealand are also procured in a semi-fossil condition.
  2. They are often mixtures of organic compounds. principally terpenes.
  3. These studies show that the blue variety reveals an intense fluorescence emission in the visible wavelength region, between 430 and 530 nm, with spectral features typical of aromatic hydrocarbons.
  4. They are often mixtures of organic compounds. principally terpenes.
  5. Amber has been used since prehistoric times for jewelry, amulets and religious objects.

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